Born 1984 in New York City
Lives and works in New York, NY and Durham, NY

2010    Masters of Library & Information Science, Pratt Institute
2007    Bachelors of Fine Arts, Cooper Union School of Art

Solo/Two Person Exhibitions
2017    17.(SEPT) [By WeistSiréPC]™, Queens Museum, NYC (collaboration with Nestor Siré)
2016    Parbunkells, 83 Pitt Street, NYC
2014    Mice, Two Chairs, NYC (two person exhibition with Haim Steinbach)
2008    The Size of Thoughts, Kantor/Feuer Window, NYC

Public Artworks
2017    View-Through, Miami, FL. In collaboration with O, Miami and Exchange for Change
2015    Reach, Queens Boulevard, Queens, NY.  Produced by 14×48

Select Group Exhibitions
2018    Offline Browser, Hong-Gah Museum, Taiwan
2018    12th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, South Korea
2017    En Masse: Books Orchestrated, The Center for Book Arts, NYC
2016    Know Yourself, The Luminary, St. Louis, MO
2015    Peekskill Project, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY
2015    Art in the Age of…Planetary Computation, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015    Tongue Stones, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY
2014    Within a Tournament of Value, Flux Factory, Queens, NY
2013    The Book Lovers, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NYC
2012    The Book Lovers, Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp, Belgium
2012    Young Curators, New Ideas IV, Meulensteen, NYC
2012    The Ends Of The Library, Goethe Institut, NYC
2012    Pretty Conceptual, Present Company, Brooklyn, NY
2012    Harderer, Betterer, Fasterer, Strongerer, 159 Bleecker Street, NYC
2011    Against the Way Things Go, Gasser & Grunert, NYC
2010    Guilty Feet, 179 Canal, NYC
2009    Impermanent Collections, Art In General, NYC
2009    Evading Customs, Brown Gallery, London, England
2009    Apartment Show, Envoy Gallery, NYC
2009    Kick the Can’t, Jack the Pelican, Brooklyn, NY
2009    Women Get F***ed, Alagon Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008    Artist as Publisher, The Center For Book Arts, NYC
2008    My Own Private Island, Copenhagen Quadrennial, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008    Brucennial, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brooklyn, NY
2008    Salon Du Jour, Autoversion LTD Gallery, NYC
2008    If I Told You You Were Beautiful, Would You Date Me on the Regular?, Oliver Kamm Gallery, NYC
2007    Library, Proteus Gowanus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006    7 Ply Culture: Create and Destroy, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN

Digital Commissions
2018    !!!Seccion A R T E [No. 11+Rhizome], Rhizome, The New Museum, NYC
2016    Person of the Day and Tomorrow, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam
2015    Industry vs. Machine: Canonization, Localization and the Algorithm, Red Hook Journal, Bard CCS, NY
2015    Collecting Without Ebay, BOMB Magazine

2018    Media Arts Assistance Fund Grant, New York State Council on the Arts/Wave Farm
2017    The Fountainhead, Miami, FL
2016    Jerome Foundation Fellowship, The Queens Museum, NY
2016    Net Based Prize Audience Award, Haus Der Elektronischen Künste, Basel, Switzerland
2015    OOH Media Plan Award, The Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Washington DC
2007    NYAEA Artist Welfare Fund Prize, New York Artists Equity Association, NYC

Panels, Presentations & Performances
2018    ARCA [Paquete Semanal_archive], Triple Canopy, NYC
2018    Art for the Offline Internet, The New Museum, NYC
2015    Art in the Age of Social Media, Sotheby’s Institute, Los Angeles, CA
2011    Alternative Libraries Forum, Rutgers University, Rutgers, NJ
2010    Radical Reference, Brecht Forum, NYC
2010    #class, Winkleman Gallery, NYC
2009    In Conclusion, Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC
2009    Body Blend, Dixon Place, NYC
2009    The Classroom, New York Art Book Fair, P.S.1. Contemporary Art Center, NYC
2009    Lullabies [with Tyler Coburn], Thrust Projects, NYC

After, About, With. New York: Arpia Books, 2015  [artist book]
Art In The Age Of…. Rotterdam: Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, 2015  [catalog]
Artist as Publisher. New York: The Center for Book Arts, 2008  [catalog]
Artist Novels. Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2015
The Bruce High Quality Foundation Foundation & Other Ideas. New York:I.C. Editions, 2008
En Masse: Books Orchestrated. New York: The Center for Book Arts, 2018  [catalog]
Imagined Borders. Gwangju: Gwangju Biennale Foundation, 2018  [catalog]
Indie Publishing. New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2009
Sexy Librarian: A Novel, Critical Edition. Baltimore: Slush Editions, 2008  [artist book]
Tongue Stones. New York: Pioneer Works, 2015  [catalog]
WdW Review: Arts, Culture and Journalism in Revolt, Vol. 1. Rotterdam: Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, 2017
Young Curators New Ideas. New York: Muelensteen, 2012  [catalog]

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Board Member, The Shandaken Project, 2012-