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Title: Sexy Librarian
Author: Julia Weist
Quantity: 1
Book Description: Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.
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Discarded library books I collected; Library books I wrote; Library books I discarded; Discarded library books I wrote; Discarded library books I collected, plus diplomas
Steel, wood, book props, book ends; discarded U.S. public library books collected in 2006; copies of a romance novel, Sexy Librarian, written by the artist
and borrowed from MoMA Library, Harvard University Library and Amherst College Library via Brooklyn Public Library interlibrary loan; books discarded
by the artist from the collection of the New York Society Library in 2011; discarded copies of Sexy Librarian from New York Public Library, Greene County
Public Library, Cuyahoga County Public Library, and San Mateo County Library (2 copies); discarded U.S. public library books collected in 2011; the artist’s
B.F.A. and M.I.L.S. diplomas
98 x 10 in.

All the library-owned copies of  Sexy Librarian I was able to borrow
library books written by the artist, handmade wood from paper (shelf), steel brackets
Courtesy of (from left to right): MoMA Library, Rochester Public Library, Pratt Institute Library, New York Public Library, Lafayette
College Library (Courtesy of the Brooklyn Public Library through Interlibrary Loan), Cooper Union Library, Brooklyn Museum Library
76 x 11 in.