Julia Weist, "Reach" (2015)

This is where I came to be alone. We’re here together now.  It’s a place we built, the both of us.

Sometimes I think that there’s nowhere that hasn’t already been carved up and carved out, although I didn’t use to feel that way.
I remember many years ago, at a party, I saw a man in a homemade shirt. It read, “I miss you like hell” and I sure as hell knew what he meant. I haven’t felt that way in a long time and if there’s anything I miss like hell, well you can bet it’s that.

I guess that’s partly why I come here.  I bought this place, or else I founded it, because there was nothing.  That’s how—for a time—it remained.

Billboard in Queens, NY, search result set, lamp in the artist’s home programmed to turn on
when this webpage is visited (circuit board, Internet-enabled outlet, lamp)
Dimensions variable, billboard: 48′ x 14′
This project was made possible through support from 14×48